StandardAero Industry Alliance Advantages

StandardAero Industry Alliance Core competencies:

  • Experienced DoD and Defense Industry engineering resources:
    • Our highly specialized personnel from smaller specialty companies are from fields involving emerging technologies, environmental, hardware, software, installations, and specialized testing. The specializations of our larger systems-level companies include strategic design, modification, study, logistics, manufacturing, and prototyping fields
  • Highly agile and flexible personnel sourcing capable of tapping broader commercial engineering and technical recruiting markets to meet any staffing needs.
  • ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System (QMS) that integrates many divergent partners into a comprehensive Quality, Environmental, Safety, and Health (QESH) system.
  • A continuous process improvement culture focused on enhancing performance to better serve the customer’s needs and expectations.

StandardAero Industry Alliance Synergies and Partnering:

  • The Alliance represents StandardAero, five core critical partners and twelve specialty subcontractors.
  • Our core team of key partners delivers engineering, technical, and support services addressing basic and specialty contracts. Whenever special requirements are needed, unique skills and experience are available from our highly specialized partners - small, innovative companies.
  • The sum of our team is greater than the individual parts.
    • Our cooperative teaming arrangement provides great flexibility enabling our Alliance to pursue more opportunities more frequently than would be possible as separate companies
  • StandardAero Alliance maintains existing relationships with many DoD customers contributing ongoing relevance.
  • StandardAero Alliance team members have a rich history of successful collaboration on multiple projects.