Design  -  Sustain  -  Improve


StandardAero Industry Alliance is a partnership between StandardAero and 17 contractors blending large business and small specialty companies. Collectively we provide our customers with access to:

  • Software, hardware, installation, and specialized testing capabilities including engineering, laboratory, and aviation facilities, tools and equipment.
  • Design, Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) and prototyping staff.
  • Small innovative specialty companies with existing US Air Force, US Navy and US Marine Corps relationships.
  • Large companies with pools of corporate labor and expertise available on demand.
  • Specialized personnel sourcing from broader commercial engineering and technical recruiting markets.
  • Specialty environmental management skills.

Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)

  • Establishes an overarching systems engineering approach to engineering services.
  • Creates a framework for all size projects to ensure reliability, maintainability, quality, performance, life-cycle sustainment, risk reduction and cost containment.
  • Each StandardAero Industry Alliance partner complies with SEMP concurrently tailoring and incorporating their own best practices and tools into the process.