Design to our customers needs

  • Advanced Engineering Design & Technical Data Solutions
  • Simulation
  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Design & Analysis
  • Network Engineering
  • IT Infrastructure
  • MIS & Software Development
  • Electrical Design & Power Distribution
  • Instrument & Control Design
  • Solid Modeling & Drafting
  • Research & Test Studies


Our Producibility Engineering Plan (PEP) balances cost against accurate design, reliability, and performance while addressing timely procurement of long-lead items, special test equipment, and special production equipment to minimize schedule impacts

Engineering Services

SEMP prevents scope creep and produces cost effective results. Improvements or changes are tested, validated, and measured to determine the value of the process improvement, new technology, repair, or modification.


We employ reverse engineering to restore or re-create documentation for incomplete or unavailable data.


Logistics analysts ensure that performance and life-cycle goals will be satisfied by qualifying materials and components during each design phase. Parts specified by the design are screened for authenticity, non-hazardous materials, design characteristics, reliability, availability, etc.

Engineering Design Analysis Simulation CAD Software Design Certifications
TRAC NetQoS Reporter Analyzer Simulation Premium AutoCAD 2010 Eclipse Certified Safety Professionals (CSP)
DOORS Wire Shark iGraphx CATIA Valgrind Professional Engineers (PEs)
System Architect CAFTA and Fault Tree STK Inventor 2010 MATLAB Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM)
Clear Case
ALGOR MATLAB MAYA Purify Certified Environmental Systems Manager (CESM)