Who we are

StandardAero Industry Alliance is the optimal convergence of large business and small business with a common purpose. Our Core Team has a long tradition of Government programs, partnerships, and performance. We are a fully integrated engineering services team with a collaborative charter focused on engendering peace of mind for our customers. We do this by providing engineering solutions that increase our customer’s revenue, decrease their costs and improve their productivity, cycle time, quality, customer satisfaction, retention and ultimately, their success.

Our Mission

StandardAero Industry Alliance combines large business experience, depth and breadth of core capabilities with small business innovation, agility, and drive resulting in a systems level approach to engineering solutions for our customer’s entire product life cycle.

Our Objective

To Design to our customers needs; enable them to Sustain their systems and resources; and Improve both their systems and methodology to positively impact the cost, schedule and quality of our customers operations.

Value Proposition

StandardAero Industry Alliance delivers superior value by understanding our customer’s vision and translating that vision into actionable solutions that overcome the roadblocks they face by focusing on what is important to them.